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UWC Dilijan College Opens in Armenia

UWC Dilijan College Opens in Armenia – the First International School of the UWC Network in

Paradise Dilijan

The Best Holiday Center in Armenia It is said that once a little boy named Dili

Tsakhkadzor Resort

Armenian nature is very rich. Armenia has many a fine sanatorium among which Tsakhadzor is famous.

The gorge of the left fairy tales

People from Goris confirm, what exactly they have invented an arch as the architectural form. Having

Resort city Jermuk

Medical resort city Jermuk is situated in south-eastern part of the Republic of Armenia. Height above

What Lusine Tovmasyan Suggests to Our Visitors not to Miss in Armenia!

We present  Armenian beauties Lusine Tovmasyan who won the title “Miss Armenia 2003” in the competition


Bjni is situated in the gorge of river Hrazdan, Kotayk Region (Marz) 9 km south east

Syunik: Engels on a meadow

Syunik is magnificent in any weather and at all times during the year. Among infinite ridges

Gyumri The Cultural Capital of Armenia

This year we are going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of opera “Anush” with great splendor

Gyumri Tours

Ani Visit the border of Armenia and Turkey to watch the spectacular view of the ruins