Gyumri Tours

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Visit the border of Armenia and Turkey to watch the spectacular view of the ruins of the old Armenian city Ani.

Harich Tour
Tour to the monastery complex Harich and village Harichanaq, discover the life of one of the oldest villages of the Shirak region Harich, and visit the 7th century cemetery.

Hiking tour
Hike one of the mountains called St. Minas, located in the village Karnut, visit the pilgrimage sites on the mountain, enjoy the sunset over the Shirak region, and dine with a local family in the evening. Springs on the mountain.

Marmashen Tour
Visit the Marmashen monastery complex built between 986-1029, by Prince Vahram Pahlavuni, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Akhuryan River.

Museum Tour
Visit the museums of Gyumri accompanied with short walking tours of the city and discover the aesthetic life of Gyumri-Aleksandrapol.

Walking Tours 
An amazing opportunity to discover 18th-19th century unique and indigenous architecture, cuisine and the most hospitable people. This walking tour will help to discover more of the historic flavor of the city and the lifestyle of Gyumri people.

Wine Tasting
Visit a private collection of a soviet glass and taste unique types of wines available only for the participants of this tour only, the wines are not sold or displayed anywhere else, but this museum.

Cuisine tour in Gyumri
Bring your appetite and come experience the tastes of Gyumri on our Cuisine Tour! We begin with a visit to a lavash bakery, where participants will be able to observe the preparation of homemade lavash. Next we will sample chanakh and pakhlava at a local restaurant which specializes in traditional Gyumri cuisine. Participants will also be able to explore one of the museums representing Gyumri indigenous architecture and will be taken on a short walking tour of the city after this meal. In the evening, participants will be given the choice to dine at the local fish farm. Participants choosing to eat at the Fish Farm are given the opportunity to catch their own fish and see it prepared before their eyes.

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