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Rock-Engravings of Geghama Mountains

Reveal the Secrets of Armenian “Dragon Stones” Welcome to one of the most attractive visitor centers


Vishaps are ancient mythological beings which are represented in the form of high stone carved images,

Lori Fortress

Lori Fortress is one of the monuments of the Armenian Plateau well known for its historical-archeological

Dragon (vishap)

In the mythological beliefs of many people around the world water is closely connected with dragons.


Nowadays it is very difficult for us to definitely clarify when and for what reason several

Karmir Blur

Karmir Blur (Red Hill) is located in the south-western part of Yerevan, on the left bank

Carts and War-Chariots

The invention of the cart is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It was a


In Ancient Greece copper and bronze were called “khalkos” from the root “khalk.” According to linguists,


Metsamor, one of the ancient monuments of the Armenian Plateau, is situated in the enter  of the Ararat

Sun Dials

By watching the course and disposition of the luminary in the firmament even the Stone Age