Karmir Blur

Karmir BlurKarmir Blur (Red Hill) is located in the south-western part of Yerevan, on the left bank of the River Hrazdan (the old name of the river is Ildaruni). About 3400 years ago on an upland named Kuarline a flourishing dwelling was founded, where people lived in little earthen buildings with several rooms. The hearth was in the central hall, and there was a store-well to keep the corn, and a statuette of god as a family guard. The dwelling also had workshops. Funerals were held in stone box-like buildings. In the 9th century B.C. war began between the Kingdom of Van (Urartu) and the country of Etiuni that lasted for 100 years. In the 8th century B.C. Vaza, which formed a part of Etuni, was conquered by Argishti, King of Van. There he founded the cities of Erebuni (Yerevan) and Argishtikhinili (Armavir). The cities were located on the main road to the Black Sea. Near that highway King of Van Rusa II founded a new city and named it Teishebaini. The guard of the city was Teisheba, the god of nature (Flora) for the Kingdom of Van. In parallel with the construction works of the city King Rusa II ordered the people to dig a channel through the rocks and through the tunnels to irrigate the orchards nearby. Besides, he built a bridge on the River Hrazdan connecting the city with the roads that crossed Ararat Valley.

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