Nagorno-Karabakh Archive

All Festivals of 2015 in Armenia

11 April – Fish Festival The festival is held in the town of Abovyan (located 10

Old Shushi photo | Armenian woman riding a Karabakh horse


Treasures­ of Artsakh ­ Jermajur Hot Springs

Discover the ­Healing ­ Traits of ­the ­Royal ­Mineral ­Sources Natural warm water springs that flow from the underground

Martouni Region

Martouni town, the center of the same name RMK region. The town has a Palace of

Hadrout Region

Hadrout is one of the main regions of NKR. The old quarters of the town present

Kashatagh Region

Kashatagh is one of the eight regions of RMK. Berdzor – is the center of Kashatagh

Karabakh Horses

This famous ancient breed of saddle-horses was widely spread in Karabakh and reached its bloom in

Welcome to Nagorno Karabakh

May 9 is a unique feast in Nagorno Karabkh, as this is the day of Shushi

Karabakh Cuisine

If “bread and salt” is a greeting ceremony known among the Slavic peoples, “jengyalov hats and

Carpets of Artsakh

Carpet weaving is a traditional art form common to Armenians of all regions, but Karabakh carpets