Kashatagh Region

Kashatagh is one of the eight regions of RMK. Berdzor – is the center of Kashatagh Region. It is located on the highway Goris-Stepanakert, built on the donations of “Hayastan” All-Armenian fund. The town has been seriously damaged during Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict, though it is reconstructed at present. The region boasts with a number of cultural places among them the church of St. Hambartsum, built in 1998, Tsitsernavank Monastery, Varazagom-Moshatagh – cross dome church 9-11th centuries. The suburbs have lots of unique monuments of the Armenian culture of early middle-age.

Tsitsernavank (from Armenian “tsitsernak” – a swallow, “vank” – monastery), one of the ancient sacred places of Armenia was built in 5-7th centuries. The swallow monastery – one of the ancient holy places of Armenia turn left at the bridge near Kashatagh. Some of the architectural specifics of the church prompt the conclusion that it was originally a pagan temple. This is evidenced by the archaic basalt masonry of the east wall and the three basalt entrances through the south wall.
The legend links the name of the monastery with the bird that cast itself into the pot where the builders were boiling meat. The divinity wished to protect the craftsmen from a snake that had crept into the pot, and the bird sacrificed itself to save them. The ancient legend retains elements of pre-Christian belief. This is an enormous building of immense grandeur. Entering it, one falls into the depth of space and touches one mysterious creation of ancient craftsmen.

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