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Regional Post Caucasus. Inbound tourism market of independent Armenia

This article is reposted from the Regional Post Magazine N1-2016. Interview of Karen Antashyan the founder of Barev

Regional partnership promotes rural tourism

In the recent years Armenia has started to have the experience of offering rural tour packages

All Festivals of 2015 in Armenia

11 April – Fish Festival The festival is held in the town of Abovyan (located 10

Lilian Keshishian. Minister of Tourism and Sport in Uruguay

This time we had the opportunity and honor to conduct an interview with the Minister of

The tallest 85 mountains in Armenia

  Name Altitude Meters/Feet Mountain Range Region Aragatz 4090 / 13,419 Aragatz Aragatzotn Astghonk  3926 /

Rural tourism and ecotourism in Syunik

Rural tourism and ecotourism are among the most interesting ways to exp\ore Syunik and its protected

The Opening of Armenia Visitor Center

The first two days of July are considered to be too important for “Orange Trading” Company

Betty Londergan: Barev, Armenia!

When I told people I was going to Armenia with Heifer International, the most frequent response

What Suggests Arminka to Our Visitors not to Miss in Armenia!

“Each country has its own historical and cultural heritage which is extremely interesting for people”, starts

What Nune Yesayan Suggests to Our Visitors not to Miss in Armenia!

Article from TourInfo Magazine The May issue of our “ Armenia Guide” circle presents the recommendations of Armenian popular singer Nune