The Opening of Armenia Visitor Center

Khor VirapThe first two days of July are considered to be too important for “Orange Trading” Company and generally for the development and activation of Armenian tourism.
It is already 10 years that “Orange Trading” company promotes a great spectacular activity in the field of tourism and advertisement; it is already 10 years that it publishes the first and only free Armenian tourism magazine TourInfo. July the 1st is a day of analyzing, summing up and of course enjoying the fruits of a 10-year-hard-work.
The anniversary and the forum on the topic of tourism organized by the “Orange Trading” Company and the “Solutions” project will be held in Yerevan Golden Palace Hotel with the participation of many leaders, businessmen, ambassadors, representatives of tourism.
The “Solutions” project is the next logical step by the team of the Leadership School Foundation with the belief that youth is the power of solutions for the development challenges of Armenia. The Solutions team believes that enabling active youth through work & business opportunities they can support the development of Armenia and realization of the fullest potential of its citizens.
The Solutions project has already organized several development-oriented forums with participation of professionals from Piers Cumberlege (senior director / head of partnership, World Economic Forum) to Dr. Armen Darbinyan (Russian-Armenian State University rector; Prime Minister of Armenia [1998-1999]).
It is worth mentioning that lately on May 25 in Congress Hotel was held the graduation ceremony of the students of Leadership school. Besides it was also the day of the last lecture for them. In the presence of many guests, businessmen and business lady leaders the graduating students  were making their last historic meanders. The already former students and future leaders got their certificates, listened to a lot of useful advice, and expressed their emotions about the course they have passed in the school.

On the second day, July the 2nd, the same staff in the circle of the same event in huge 2 floored modern buses disposed to us by the Yerevan unicipality will be taken to the “Zvartnots” international airport where it is anticipated to organize a small excursion in the places of the airport which are usually forbidden to enter and are rarely visited. After it just in the airport will be formally held the opening ceremony of the “Armenia Visitor Center” founded by the heads of “Orange Trading” company as a next in turn surprise for the tourists of Armenia.

“Armenia Visitor Center” is going to be a too helpful place for the guests of Armenia who will get here a huge stuff of information and all the answers to their questions with the help of young workers experienced in the field of tourism and communication. The tourist just in front of the gates of the city before entering Yerevan will be already well informed about the city, about its cultural and entertainment places and step over the threshold already having the city in his pocket. Just from here the tourists will get the first and only free Armenian magazine “TourInfo”. And still “Orange Trading” company has vision of the future to be realized and accomplished.
Dear readers and friends, the “TourInfo” magazine and the “Solutions” project invite you to join it in this anniversary celebration, and to participate in the “New Opportunities Forum: Tours in Armenia”. The forum will be a unique opportunity for you to get insights into the tourism sphere in Armenia, to communicate and start cooperation with interested representatives from the business community and state agencies, various international organizations & embassies, and to share your experience and opinions. On the first day of the forum (July 1st) you can listen to the keynote speeches and participate in the discussions at the Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan, and on the second day (July 2nd) you will have the opportunity to have an excursion in usually forbidden areas of the “Zvartnots” international airport, and participate in the opening ceremony of “Armenia Visitor Center” .

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