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The tallest 85 mountains in Armenia

  Name Altitude Meters/Feet Mountain Range Region Aragatz 4090 / 13,419 Aragatz Aragatzotn Astghonk  3926 /

Shikahogh: Plane Grove Sanctuary

This sanctuary comprises the biggest in the Caucasus natural grove of the oriental plane Platanus orientalis.

Treasures­ of Artsakh ­ Jermajur Hot Springs

Discover the ­Healing ­ Traits of ­the ­Royal ­Mineral ­Sources Natural warm water springs that flow from the underground

Lake­ Arpi

It’s Natural ­Wealth One of the hidden beauties of Armenia, Lake Arpi is situated in the

Paradise Dilijan

The Best Holiday Center in Armenia It is said that once a little boy named Dili

Waterfall of Shaqe

One of the 7 Wonders of Armenia One of the beauties of Armenian nature is situated in one

Rock-Engravings of Geghama Mountains

Reveal the Secrets of Armenian “Dragon Stones” Welcome to one of the most attractive visitor centers

The Treasures of “Khosrov Forest”

Would you play on the Basalt Organ “Stone Symphony”? One of the Armenian kings, Khosrov II

Armenian Mountains: Aragats

Tsakhkadzor Resort

Armenian nature is very rich. Armenia has many a fine sanatorium among which Tsakhadzor is famous.