Martouni Region

AmarasMartouni town, the center of the same name RMK region. The town has a Palace of Culture, the building of which was built like the building of Opera and Ballet Theatre in Yerevan, cinema-theater of Sayat-Nova, and other public constructions presenting much interest. The church of the town was constructed in 2005.

The first church of Amaras monastery was built at the beginning of the 4th century by Saint Gregory the Illumination (Grigor Lousavorich). During its 16 centuries of existence, Amaras has been repeatedly destroyed by Persians, Arabs, Mongols, Turks, but the Christians of Armenia used to rebuilt it every time. The present day cathedral, Church of St. Gregoris, was built in the 19th century with donations from the Armenian community of Shoushi. The monastery was restored in 1996 by instruction of Artsakh archbishop Pargev Martirosyan.
Historian Leo writes about the school of Mesrop Mashtots in Amaras and the spread of the Armenian alphabet throughout Artsakh. You can also find here the tombstone of Saint Gregoris, the Catholocos of Aluank, and grandson of Saint Gregory the Illumination  whose holy relics were brought to Amaras by his pupils.

In Martoun Region, Sktorashen village goes high into the air a giant Platan tree, which attracts tourists all over around. It is enough to note that the tree is of 44 square meters and its base perimeter is of 27 m. The Platan was officially awarded a certificate of the oldest and highest tree in Europe.
On its area 100 persons can stand freely. Its height is more than 54m. The legend says that 2000 years ago 3 holy trees were brought to Karabakh. Over these centuries, Armenian people hold sacred this place. A freezing full-flowing spring Tenjru wells out under the giant tree, the shadow of which was, as history proves, a resting place for such outstanding Armenians as Mesrop Mashtots, Moses Khorenatsi, Sayat-Nova, Raffi, Leo and others.
Among the places of interest are Berdashen the traces of an ancient Aghchkaberd fortress, Ashan-Pan-Armenian Youth Camp, Moshkapat complex of Gevondats Anahit Churches, and etc.

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