The Miracle of Vorotan Canyon – Devil’s Bridge

devils brige

Edgar Marukyan Photo

Nature is amazing with its wonderful sights and miraculous monuments which make an integral part of world natural heritage. Such natural obelisks are “Devil’s Bridges”. Yes, there are many bridges in the world with that name, for example in Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, etc. You can find the “Devil’s Bridge” (Satani Kamurj) in Armenia as well…
The Bridge is situated in the Canyon of Vorotan River, and stretches for nearly 30 meters length. It is located in the deepest part of the gorge in the depth of 700-800 meters. In that part the gorge is so narrow that even the sun rays are not able to penetrate to the bottom of the gorge. One of the picturesque monuments of nature – the Devil’s Bridge is situated here in this deep canyon, surrounded with many mountainous springs the waters of which had painted the rocks of the canyon with pink, yellow and green colors. You can visit this place during the  Tatev tour organised by Barev Armenia tour operator for groups and individuals from April to November. 
This wonderful structure is natural bridge formed from travertines. During many centuries huge masses of limestone have been gathering to form this powerful stone arch. The stalactites made by the mineral water springs hang from the edges of this stone arch, and there are beautiful falls rushing down from the rock caves under the natural bridge. The mineral springs are situated just under the bridge. They are poured into Vorotan River to make it more abundant. At the first sight it seems that the small and thin river flows under the bridge but, instead, we see a deeper river flowing from the bridge. Perhaps, this is the reason that people named the natural bridge “Devil’s Bridge”. Nowadays, people are used to look at the river-bed of Vorotan and to say, “It is the devil’s work…”
The hot mineral waters of healthy traits made ponds under the bridge. It is known that still in the ancient times Armenian wealthy people used to visit this wonderful cave in summer months to have a bath in the healthy waters of the basins. The nature of Syunik region is marvelous. River Vorotan (178 km) – the natural treasure of Syunik flows through the wonderful area of the region.
Flowing in the beautiful canyon, the river passes through the caves of Stone Age, fortresses and monasteries of Bronze Age. The river-bed is a perfect place for trekking
tours. The footways stretching through the forests lead to Tatev, Karahunj, and Halidzor. In spring and summer months the amateurs of river rafting can have a wonderful rafting experience in the Canyon of Vorotan River.
You will have an opportunity to row in the abundant river and at the same time to enjoy the beauty of picturesque natural scenes: deep canyons, pointed mountain peaks, island-fortresses. Never forget to follow the recommendations of experienced guides who should by all means accompany you during your rafting tours through the river. Well, now I am sure that the amateurs of wild nature are going to pack their expeditionary utensils to travel to one of the most gorgeous sights of Armenia.
After visiting Devil’s Bridge it is our pleasure if you share your experience and the photos with us to publish them with your words and name.

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