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Tatev is known for Monastery of Tatev. It used to be a cultural and spiritual center in province of Tghkunkh, Syunik State of Mets Hayq. Tatev is famous for its floppy cross-stone cane that is one of interesting solutions of Armenian Architectural thought. At the beginnings of 20th of 20th and 17th centuries the monastery was one of the most important bases of liberation struggle. Many remarkable events and traditions are connected with it.
In the territory of Tatev are remaining of ancient villages, churches and graves. Here is one of the wonders of Armenian nature- “Satani Kamurj” (Evil Bridge).
On October 16, 2010 took place the opening ceremony of the world’s longest ropeway “Tatevi tever” (Wings of Tatev) the length of which is 5.7 km. It passes from village Halidzor (Syunik Region) to Monastery of Tatev.

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