“Mozrov cave hasn’t collapsed


On March 12 Regional service of “Historic Museums and environment protection service” SNCO of Vaiots Dzor alarmed that in the territory of cave Mozrov registered in community Arpi collapsed. The next day mass media alarmed that that cave of Mozrov was collapsed. Working group was composed considering alarm of SNCO and were involved two responsible employees of the SNCO and Azat Hovsepyan, Head of Urban Construction Division of Regional Administration (Marzpetaran) of Vaiots Dzor, Samvel Aghajanyan and Armen Aghajanyan, chief architectures of city Yegheghnadzor visited the emergency place on March 13. It turned that the cave of Mozrov didn’t collapsed. Considering the importance and urgency of the issue on March 14 on the territory of the cave were implemented surveys by Artavazd Zakhyan, Head of Division of Protection of Monuments, archeologist, and Vahan Ter-Ghazaryan, member of presidency board of Center of Cave Survey of Armenia. The survey once more proved that cave of Mozrov was not collapsed. According to A. Zakyan and Vahan Ter-Ghazaryan some stoned collapsed from “the edge of cave entrance of the cave causing landslide”. Emergency situation is near the arch. This is reason of geological and climate impact. Main content of the cave about 300 m is not damaged and doesn’t threat integrity of the cave”.
It is intended contemporary close the entrance of the cave with metal needles and jointly with center engaged in caves implement technical and geological survey of Mozrov cave.

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