Pushkin Street

New residential constructions, administrative centers, entertainment places, hotels, restaurants… this is the typical picture of Pushkin Street, which has become one of the most beautiful and busiest streets in Yerevan for 60 years. The street was called Tarkhanovkaya, Knunyants, Gnuni, and finally Pushkin since 1949.

The street construction works began in 1870; it had a 12.7m length and began from Teryan Street and went up to the current Azizbekov square. According to the agreement signed between the province of Yerevan and a man called Yeghiazaryan, the utility construction on the south side of the street would be completed and afterwards, the crews would hard at work on the north side of Pushkin Street up to the former Armyankaya, nowadays Mashtots Avenue. Unfortunately, the street construction remained on schedule, as then viewed by Merbov plan in 1906-11. Pushkin Street was famous for its residential constructions with beautiful backyard gardens, and those of the rich people were with swimming pools. Among the most distinguished houses was the one belonging to R.  Afrikians, the house of Fotinski (a teacher in a male gymnasium) with modern architectural motives and Melikians’ house which was also considered as a city hospital.

In 1921 the street was called Gnuni, in honour of the revolutionary Bogdan Knunyants, in 1949 the street western part was called Pushkin, and the eastern part – Vardanants since 1991.

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