Shikahogh: Plane Grove Sanctuary

This sanctuary comprises the biggest in the Caucasus natural grove of the oriental plane Platanus orientalis.

Old Shushi photo | Armenian woman riding a Karabakh horse


Betty Londergan: Barev, Armenia!

When I told people I was going to Armenia with Heifer International, the most frequent response

Armenian national costumes

Dalma Garden Mall

Known as Yerevan’s top shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Dalma Garden Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment center

New National hotel opens in Yerevan

The Yerevan city Mayor Taron Margaryan has taken part on Monday in the opening of a

Hotel under Hyatt brand to appear in Armenian Jermuk resort in summer-2013

The hotel bearing worldwide famous Hyatt brand Jermuk Hyatt Resort will appear in Armenian resort town Jermuk

The Celebration of Christmas in Armenia

Christmas is a time when the “Box of Miracles” opens to grant everyone with love, kindness and

Treasures­ of Artsakh ­ Jermajur Hot Springs

Discover the ­Healing ­ Traits of ­the ­Royal ­Mineral ­Sources Natural warm water springs that flow from the underground

Vardavar: Water Festival

Vardavar is one of the Armenian national-religious holidays, reborn with Christian faith, which has its deep roots