Mount Azhdahak: The Giant of Geghama Mountains

Mount Azhdahak – the highest peak of the plateau dominates over the mysterious and fabulous mountains of Geghama range. It is a volcanic mountain of 3597 meters high. In the crater of Mount Azhdahak one of the most beautiful crater lakes is situated which is fed up by the ice-waters of the mountain all year round and is so clear that everyone can see its bottom.
Azhdahak means giant, titanic, and the mountain fully corresponds to its name. In Armenian mythology the man-dragons who lived in high mountains, in huge lakes and even in the clouds were called azhdahak (titans). It is said that when those dragons descended from heaven or ascended to the skies people heard a terrible crash which destroyed everything on its road. There is another interesting legend connected with the name of Azhdahak. In Iranian mythology Azhdahak was an evil dragon named Azhi Dahaka who was struggling against God of thunder. The character of Azhi Dahaka was also identified with Azhdahak, the king of Marastan who was the ally of the Armenian king Tigran. But he did not like the fact that the Armenian king had concluded an alliance with Persian king Kyuros as well, and that’s why he decided to conspire against king Tigran by marrying his sister Tigranuhi and then straining their relations to win the king. So, king Tigran, unaware of the conspiracy, kindly agreed to marry his sister to his ally Azhdahak and sent her to Marastan. Fortunately, clever and sensible Tigranuhi presumed her husband’s intention and informed her brother about it. Then Tigran gathered the best regiments of the country and declared a war. The struggle ended with the glorious victory of king Tigran. After the victory Tigran kingly sent his sister Tigranuhi to live in a newly constructed town Tigranakert and gave the surrounding provinces to her disposal.
Azhdahak is one of the most beautiful mountains in Armenia, and conquering its height will delight and regale especially those who are fond of ecological tourism and Mountain Azdahak climbing, as well as those who love the nature of colorful Alpine meadows, fresh and icy air, crystalline pond and beautiful scenery.

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