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Armena YerevanYerevan, Ervan, Eruan, Irvan… each of us will utter the word in his own way: with love, a bit disappointed or acquisitive thirst of the city. 2791 years have passed since the foundation of our beautiful city. After so many difficulties the city has been experiencing a renaissance and is prospering year after year. Being located on both banks of the river Hrazdan, Yerevan used to be a town-fortress in the 9th century B.C. during the Armenian kingdom Van. Cuneiform record left by Argishti the 1st tell the following: “In the greatness of the god Khald, Argishti, Menua’s son, built the fortress and called it Erebuni for the power of the country of Biaini and to enemies’ horror.” The cuneiform also records the date of Yerevan birth – 782 B.C. So, Yerevan is older than Rome and has about the same age as Babylon, Nineveh and Persepolis.
Of course, we love our capital, but we’ll express a deep feeling of delight after we’ve known its roots and the history of foundation. Accordingly, we’re going to dwell on it in the coming issues of our travel blog.

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