Trchkan Waterfall

The Highest Waterfall of Armenia

One of the natural beauties of Armenia, Trchkan waterfall is situated on the border between Shirak and Lori regions at 33 km distance from Gyumri, cultural capital of Armenia. The highest waterfall of Armenia, beautiful Trchkan of 23 meters high rushes down on Chichkhan river, the left rivulet of Pambak river, which starting to stream from the north-eastern slopes of the mountain range of Shirak (2250 meters) flows to the east. According to the old tradition the name of the waterfall is connected with the “crazy adventures” of Chichkhan river that flows in the wide ravine. As the villagers tell the river Chichkhan is rich in trout who flow upstream of the river in the season of reproduction.
One day the villagers notice the fish swimming upstream of the river and jumping over the waterfall of more than 20 meters high. And after that incident the beautiful waterfall is called “Trchkan” which in Armenian means “jumping”. Trchkan is not only the highest waterfall of Armenia but also the most abounding in water, for which it is often called “the Armenian Niagara”. The territory of the waterfall is also rich in many endemic species of birds and plants which can be seen very seldom and are registered in the Read Book.
The Armenian beauty – Trchkan waterfall is registered in the list of miraculous monuments of nature since 2008 and in 2011 the waterfall was defined as the special protected area. Now many of the Armenian travel agencies offer to visitors of our country interesting tours and excursions to Trchkan waterfall. During the tours you can get acquainted with the graceful corners of our wonderful nature and explore various unique monuments which are spread throughout the whole territory of Armenia. You can also see miraculous monuments of nature and admire their beauty, the one of which is Trchkan waterfall. So, very interesting tours are organized by Barev Armenia touroperator that you can find in the our website.
And how beautiful is the waterfall in winter and spring months when the frosty winter has not yet given up its place to warm weather. Have you ever seen a frozen waterfall… Imagine the beauty of the marvelous Trchkan when it is frozen. It is not in vain that the waterfall was entitled to the name “Icy Queen”.
However, it does not matter in what season you will visit to see this wonderful part of the Armenian nature, you will always live unforgettable moments of your life and no doubt you will have many-many beautiful memories to take from Armenia.

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