The Museums Night

One night a year the museums of Armenia and many countries of the world are open to welcome visitors all night long inviting them to take part in the festival “The Museum Night”. The idea of the festival belongs to the Ministry of Culture of France. It is held on May 14 till midnight and has been celebrated in Armenia since 2005.
“The Museum Night” converts to the International Museum Day on May 18. May 18 was announced the International Museum Day during the symposium of the International Committee of Museums (ICOM) held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in 1977. A year later this day was already celebrated in more than 150 countries.
Museums have great cultural significance. Museums play a great scientific and educational role collecting, preserving and demonstrating cultural monuments. Due to museums we get acquainted with the numerous samples of international art, we develop aesthetic taste and appreciate all that was created by mankind.
On the Museum Night and the International Museum Day all the museums of Armenia work as free pass. On these days various events are held, such as film screening, exhibitions, morning performances, which make the festival more colorful and challenge everyone to integrate in the important cultural event.

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