Sardarapat Battle Memorial Complex

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National Museum of Armenian Ethnogra phy and History Memorial complex of the heroic battle of Sardarapat is the museum that presents the history of the Armenian liberation movement and the glorious victory. The memorial is also a wonderful architectural complex which was opened in 1968, on the day of the 50th anniversary of Sardarapat Battle.
The memorial complex has great historical significance. It completely reveals the importance of the battle of Sardarapat and the victory concluded with difficulties in such a battle which became determinant in the fate of Armenia. This heroic battle was the manifestation of the firmness and self-sacrifice of the Armenian spirit, the witness of which is the Armenian people, the people that was heroically fighting for the sake of their independence.
The place of the construction of the monument also has symbolic significance. The monument complex built in accordance with particular themes and modern architectural motives is situated just in the same place of the battlefield. The memorial complex which is distinguished for the unique architectural combinations includes several structures: the Belfry, the “Victory” wall, the “Vardavar” refectory and the museum. Due to the architectural solutions the whole complex becomes meaningful by every detail. The dominant structure in this solemn monument complex is the Bell Tower, the bells of which, arranged in 2 columns, ring gloriously to greet the visitors.
Two huge winged bulls stand as the guards on the both sides of the belfry. The figures of winged bulls are the symbol of strength and loyalty in Armenia. The unique artistic architectural solutions find their continuation in the next structures of the complex. A cozy alley with the sculptures of eagles leads from the belfry to the “Victory” wall which is decorated with sculptures. It is noteworthy that the theme of eagles is seen in the other works of R. Israyelyan, the architect of the memorial complex. In this complex the eagles surely embody the heroes of the battle.
The arched wall of “Victory” stretches for 55 meters. The both sides of the wall surface are decorated with the carved images and scenes revealing the episodes of the battle. The refectory named “Vardavar” is situated on the way to the building of the museum. It is also built in the Armenian medieval architectural style. The building of the museum that concludes the whole complex resembles a castle due to its architectural forms: high walls, portal, and 2 windows one looking to the Ararat Mountain, the other to Aragats. The documents and photos telling about the battle are exhibited in the exhibition halls decorated with the traditional elements of the Armenian national lifestyle.
The memorial complex of unique architectural solutions is situated on the high hill at 10 km southwest from Armavir city. The architect could construct all the structures of the complex so that they express the glorious victory, the commemoration of victims and the national coloring which is mostly emphasized due to the ethnographic elements in decoration and Armenian tufa.

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