Master Vahan’s Rocky Park

The Amazing World of Statues

Armenia deserves to be called “the open air museum”. Here you can explore both beautiful corners of miraculous nature and handmade monuments which are unique as you cannot find the same anywhere else. One of such handmade museums is the Master Vahan’s Rocky Park which is situated in one of the cozy corners of the capital Yerevan. This amazing world of statues is bunched over the gorge of Hrazdan River. Master Vahan created this park during several decades changing his house into a real museum where his family members are always open-armed to host the visitors.
The house of hospitable master has long ago become a hospitable museum. This house-museum is situated in the neighborhood of Yerevan Wine Factory. Here you can find various works: stone and wood sculptures, monuments which by their thematic features belong to different periods of time. When you enter the gates of this open-air gallery by first steps you notice the sculptures of men, animals and a variety of household items carved on the walls of the house. The master of magic works has left more than 100 sculptures in his eternal memorial, the most part of which are hewn in stone. That’s why the park is called rocky. Being carved in the rock the sculptures look alive.
The statues of horses, Mount Ararat, David of Sasun, General Andranik, crucified Christ and the other figures are placed side by side under the trees in the yard presenting the different eras and historical events. Each sculpture created by Vahan Kazumyan has its own sacrament. The lion erected in the lower part of the rock represents the Armenian people who bear the great pain of Armenian tragedy on their shoulders and roar against the world’s injustice.
Then you enter the cave rooms. One of the six rooms totally represents the Armenian traditional lifestyle; here you can see the Armenian “tonir”, an oven where the Armenian national bread “lavash” is baked. You will find other household items such as spinning wheel, ceramic plates, etc. The next room is “Mher’s Room” which symbolizes the Armenian epic “David of Sasun”. And the tools of the sculptor with the help of which he created these massive structures are kept in the third room. By the way, the walls of all rooms are decorated with symbolic sculptures.
The master has created all works as his soul has prompted. That’s why every piece of stone here itself bears a deep meaning and a great council. Enjoying the beauty of this magnificent world made by a single person you can get away from the busy world and forget that you are in the downtown area, near the urban whirl of the city.

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