Conference on “Vishap” stone monuments took place

Conference on issues of “Vishap” stone monuments and carrying investigations launched at National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia on October 28. During the Conference scientists presented their reports on what worships were the monuments devoted to, their era and what they represent.

Pavel Avetisyan, Head of Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia mentioned that it had been the first time to organize a conference devoted to stone monuments. He said that in Armenia are about 50-60 monuments. The monuments are mainly displaced. The issue is to find ethnic origin of “Vishap” stone monuments.

Armen Petrosyan, Doctor in Philological Sciences, mentioned that he emphasizes survey of the stone monuments as there is little information on their etiology, Besides, it is still not defenite to what period they belong to. A. Petrosyan also mentions that the first investigations of the monuments were carried by Russian, later by Georgian scientists. To his mind “Vishap” stone monuments are unique and are in the central and some Northern parts of Armenian highland. In his report presented during the conference A. Petrosyan tries to connect depictions of monument to Indo-European myth that is about the fight between dragon and God of thunder.

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