The Fabulous Flavor of Armenian Wine & Brandy

Armenian Wine“Who didn’t take pleasure in the Armenian brandy, he wasn’t implicated in the harmony of the most palatable and substantial drink. Armenia, which, in my option, is an open-air museum, is unique and exceptional country also with its wines and brandies.”
Rockwell Kent, American painter & writer.

Armenian Wine Although no one knows for sure, the origin of wine-making may in fact have its origin in Armenia. In any case, references to the over 3000 year-old wine making tradition can be found in Greek, Roman, Armenian and other early sources, and is substantiated by various archeological discoveries. The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin referred to the wines of Artaskh with affection and reverence. He elaborated on the manner in which the Armenians of Artsakh kept huge wine casks buried in
the ground, opening them for festive occasions.
Industrial wine production in Armenia has its origin in the 1870’s and underwent significant development during the Soviet era. Armenian wine has always been held in high regard despite its modest exposure. Now that the era of communism is gone, local entrepreneurship and industriousness are fueling the rebirth of the wine industry in Armenia in the form of boutique wine production. The traditional assortment of Armenian wines is being introduced to the worldwide market and new brands are being established.
According to economic experts, winemaking is now one of the most profitable branches of Armenia’s economy with excellent potential for expansion. There are currently 15,000 hectares of vineyards in Armenia, 90% of which is used to cultivate grapes for all kinds of red and white wine production.

Armenian Brandy
If someone were to prescribe a formula for creating the perfect brandy, they may in fact locate that endeavor in Armenia: then radiant sun of the Ararat Valley, the immaculate water of the unspoiled mountains, and the fertile soil combine to give Armenian brandy its unique color and its trademark mellow-velvety flavor infused with a rich bouquet of chocolate vanilla overtones.
“Dvin” Brandy was the favorite drink of Winston Churchill, who regularly enjoyed this Armenian specialty. He once said, “Always remember that I have taken more from brandy than brandy has taken from me.”
Currently, there are many different wine and brandy producing factories in Armenia, all boasting high quality standards. These companies have earned many international prizes and medals in competitions around the world. Today 90% of Armenian Brandy is exported to 21 countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Russia.

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