Arami street (Czarskaya)

The history of Arami Street dates back to the ancient history of Yerevan. The street was primarily called Czarskaya, after the period when Nikolay the First Czar from the Russian Empire had been living in a two-stored house located on Czarskaya Street. By the way, people used to call the street Czarsky instead of Czarskaya. After the declaration of Independent Armenia and the formation of the First Republic of  Armenia on May, 1918, the street was called Azatoutyan in 1918-1919. Evolving from an early historical period, at the beginning of 19th century, Czarskaya-Azatoutyan-Arami Street grew into an important economic, political and commercial center beginning from Mashtots Avenue and raising up to Nalbandyan Street. The State Bank (N 54), the Gymnasium for Men, as well as museums and other cultural centers were distributed from warehouses in the city’s thriving district.
In 1919 the street was called Arami after the tragic death of the first minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RA Aram Manukyan who lived on the same street at Building N9. In 1921 the street had a name of the revolutionary figure Suren Spandaryan but only for a short period, and in 1991 Yerevan State Union made a decision to give the street name back – Arami Street. The street is dotted with historic buildings and houses. One of the most nicely looking institutions, M.Shamkhoryan Women Gymnasium, which consisted only one class, was purchased by Armenian General Benevolent Union and then was regarded as
a museum named after Abovyan. One more noteworthy thing; the apartment where A. Manukyan used to live was purchased by an unknown representative of the Armenian Diaspora and will survive as a house museum of the Armenian great political-public figure
who founded the First Armenian Republic. Nowadays the street length is a bit more that 1km. It is a destination certainly worth visiting with the long sidewalks, cultural places among them being the Museum of Literature and Art by Yeghishe Charents, which welcomes the guests daily from 11:00am from 4:00pm except on Monday.

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