Treasures­ of Artsakh ­ Jermajur Hot Springs

Discover the ­Healing ­ Traits of ­the ­Royal ­Mineral ­Sources

Natural warm water springs that flow from the underground are considered to be one of the most visited travel destinations in Republic of Nagorno Karabagh. Town Jermajur, located at an altitude of 2200-2400 meters, is rich in natural hot springs. The mineral water springs of Jermajur are known for their healing properties; for which people have always visited this small town since ancient times to have a bath in its warm water basins. Another interesting fact…
The name Jermajur seems to be chosen to give the exact description of the natural treasures of the resort village. Here is the origin of the name “Jermajur” which means “hot water”.
The town of Jermajur is situated on the bank of Tartar River at 20 km to the South from Karvachar city. Tartar River, also known as Trtu River, begins from the slopes of the northern ranges of Artsakh and the southern ranges of Mravsar, at an altitude of 3158 meters. It flows through Mardakert and Karvatchar districts. Tartar is a mountainous river of 200km length, most part of which passes through the canyonshaped, deep gorge. Tartar River is a perfect place for the amateurs of river rafting, especially in spring months when the river overflows. The pool is located on the bank of Tartar River, not far from Karvachar City (about 20km). The road to Jermajur is also worth seeing. It spreads across rocks and forests along Tartar River bank. The river flows through a wonderful canyon where the forests and rocks exist side by side.
Not far from the riverside you can find another glorious treasure of Artsakh-Dadivank Monastery (9-13 th centuries).
Magic natural warm waters effusing from the underground are situated on the bank of Tartar River. Water temperature is 60 °C independently from the seasons of the year. In summer months it is always possible to see people swimming in the basin of warm mineral waters which have great healing power. Jermajur water is similar to Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) and Jermuk (Armenia) with its healing features.
Our visitors are welcomed to feel the healing power of these waters. So, if you are in Armenia, be sure to visit Artsakh and take a bath in the miraculous hot water basins of Jermajur. Then do not forget to email us and share your experience with us. Wishing you great travels.

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