13 September 2014

Reviews of Hotels in Armenia

14 July 2013

In July spa resorts of Jermuk are full!

Jermuk is the most sought-after places for rest and recreation in Armenia. Year after year new Jermuk hotels and SPA resorts are opened; the quality of offered services is increased. That is why rest in Jermuk is demanded not only within locals, but also within tourists from CIS. 

Hotels "Jermuk Armenia" and "Jermuk Olympia" are in great demand within foreign tourists. They provide the highest quality of service. For guests of Jermuk sanatoriums and guest houses are offered, as well as hotels and hostels, which do not include treatment procedures, and, therefore, are much cheaper. From economy class hotels locals prefer "Jermuk Ashkharh" and "Jermuk Sanatorium Number 1" and "Ararat", which provide the whole list of treatment procedures. Because of the rapid growth of demand in local market 20-30% prices increase on tickets to Jermuk takes place from June to August; finding a free place from July to August is almost impossible.

Connect to company Barev Armenia, and our staff will provide you with consultation on any question about organizing rest and recreation in Jermuk free of charge. 

13 March 2013

Direct Flights Yerevan – Van

After long years of preparation work, from the 3d of April, flight Yerevan – Van – Yerevan will be available. 

Flights to Van and back will be carried out from the 3d of April, twice a week. Ticket price only will equal to 250 dollars (in drams), and during the first month you will get 20 percent discount, equal to 200 dollars (in drams). 

There also will be tour packages for 3, 5 and 7 days, which will cost from 180,000 drams, including air tickets, meals and hotels. You can find more information about Tours to Western Armenia over ground here.    

The flight was organized by Armenian company “NAREKAVANKTOUR” and Turkish “BORA ZET” and was strongly supported by The Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia. Flight duration is 40 minutes.  


04 February 2013

Barev, Armenia:

Armenia is a mystical place — filled with monasteries, pagan temples, prayer stones and churches, most tucked away in wildly remote places to protect them from destruction. (It didn’t.) These pockmarked Christian monuments are the pride of Armenia as well as testament to a seemingly endless parade of invaders: conquering Persians, rampaging Mongols, invading Turks, totalitarian Soviets, as well as the ravages of devastating earthquakes. For over 600 years, Armenians knew themselves to be a distinct people and yet were not a sovereign country. Faced with hostility from all sides, Armenians held fast to their identity and managed to survive into the modern era with a faith as deep and constant as the obsidian stone that is part of this beautiful landscape. More

23 November 2012

Government Foresees 820,000 Foreign Tourists in 2013


Armenia’s government today approved a program designed to improve the tourism sector.

The new services, according to the government, will allow for more than 820,000 foreign and 520,000 domestic tourists next year.



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