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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia welcomes you to Armenia and invites you to apply for and receive a visa electronically, on-line. The e-visa is the first step in the Virtual Consulate program. Incrementally, other consular services, too, will be available on-line. 

The e-Visa system, developed for issuance of electronic visas, interfaces and compares data with other Armenian Government systems. Incorrect or inaccurate information, whether submitted knowingly or unknowingly, in response to any question on the e-Visa application form, may be the basis for rejection and/or cancellation of an e-Visa.

An e-Visa is equivalent to a conventional visa, but no paper is inserted in your passport and there is no need for you to visit an Armenian diplomatic mission to submit an application. Applications for e-Visas can be submitted online, verified on line, and in most cases, e-visas will be approved and issued on-line within two business days.  Having valid e-Visa you can arrive Armenia through the following border crossing checkpoints: Ayrum railway station, Bavra, Bagratashen, Gogavan land borders with the Republic of Georgia, Zvartnots International Airport and Meghri land border with Iran.


Apply for an e-Visa or Review the status of an e-Visa application


The procedure of foreign citizens' entry to the NKR


The entry of foreign citizens to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic is allowed on the availability of valid foreign passports or other documents replacing them, an entrance visa of NKR, with payment of corresponding state customs.  

The NKR entrance visas are granted to foreign citizens by the NKR Permanent Mission to the Republic of Armenia. In exceptional cases, the entrance visa can be granted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the NKR in Stepanakert.  

Citizens of the CIS countries must be registered at the Consular Service of the NKR Foreign Ministry.

The entry of the citizens from the CIS countries /except Turkmenistan/ is permitted by valid passports or other documents substituting them, if an accreditation card is available.     




(Extract  from  the  NKR  law “On state duty”   on   14.04.2004) 


Tourist’s visa  untill  21 days          7,14$

Single visa for up to one month        57,14$

Multiple visa for up to one month     78,57$

Single visa for up to two months       71, 42$

Multiple visa for up to two months     92,85$

Single visa for up to three months     85,71$

Multiple visa for up to three months  104,76$  


It is necessary to pay in the state duty to the account  N 915005160618 

Pay your attention to the fact that the Consular Service of the NKR Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Consular Service of the Permanent Mission to the Republic of Armenia and Artsakhbank are not working on Sunday and Saturday. So, we ask you to solve the problem with NKR entrance visa in advance.

If you have got aquainted with the above mentioned procedure and wish to visit NKR, please, fill in the application form which is available at www.nkr.am, which will help you safe time.  



NKR, Stepanakert,

Azatamartikneri 28

Tel.: (+37447) 94 14 18

E-mail: consular@mfa.nkr.am   

RA, Erevan

17a Nairi Zaryan

Tel.: (+37410) 24 97 05

E-mail: yerevancons@mfa.nkr.am

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