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Still from the primal times, Tavush people have cultivated grape, squeezed juice of grapes and made wine from that juice. During the archaeological excavations ancient scythes, jars, grape processing tools were found.


Times are changing and people’s interests too, replacing by new and modern, yet people’s interest toward grape and wine making doesn’t expire, but it becomes newer, and people start to understand the secrets of this fabulous beverages in a new way.


Since the 50s of the last century, viticulture began to develop in Ijevan region. Ijevan Wine Factory was founded in the valley of Aghstev and Spitak Jur rivers. About 3000 h gardens were opened. Mainly Rkatsiteli, Lalvar, Bananc, as well as Pino, Pino Blan, Kaberne, Saperavi, Garan dmak and other grape types were cultivated.


Since the sixties of the last century Ijevan wine has been delivered to different cities of the USSR and abroad. At that time the most popular ones were table white and red wine, champagne and brandy wine substance. During that period bottle filling didn’t take place in the factory, only wine substance was produced, and was famous for its quality all over the world.


Only since 1996, after privatization, bottle filling began in Ijevan. “Ijevan Wine Factory” CJSC was founded. Wines produced in Ijevan took their constant place in Armenian and Russian markets. After a short time Ijevan Wines began to apply serious quotes to win their place in the global market.


In the recent years, in the result of flexible policy, the production has been strengthened, the factory production has been doubled and reached to almost 30 types. The most famous of production are “Ijevan red”, “Ijevan whtite”, “Areni”, “Nazeli”, “Gayane”, “Hin Berd”, “Hin Ijevan”, “Saperavi” and other grape wines,  as well as quince and grenade fruit wines.


At present, due to the usage of new technologies, semi-sweet wines are produced, thermal processing of wine takes place before bottle filling, bottle filling is done by vacuum and bottle sterization is done, if necessary. The wines produced by this technology are “Areni Semi-sweet”, “Vazashen”, “Grenade semi-sweet” and other wines. Nowadays wines of our production are delivered to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Los-Angeles, Cyprus, Baltic countries, Canada and to other countries and cities.


Still from fifties Ijevan Wine factory has been famous also by its brandy substance, and has been one of the main suppliers of Erevan Brandy Factory.


At present the factory has its own production of brandy. Brandies with original taste and aroma were created by brandy makers, such as “Ijevan 3”, “Ijevan 5”, “Vanuhi”, “Arqa”, “Hin Berd”, “Nemrut” and others.


For bottle filling special bottles from Bulgaria and France were delivered by our special order. A unique technology was developed for the aging, kupazhing, processing and bottle filling of brandy.


A closet with aging barrels of brandy spirit was built. Parallel to the increase of productive capacity, work is carried out to open a tunnel cavity in the nearest rock so that to make much bigger closet in it, for aging wine and brandy spirit in a right way.


In the constructional-technological department of the factory new technologies are processed and contributed, more modern technical equipments are purchased, and modern market research is made.


In recent years, bottle filling line, new modern line of wine thermal processing of Italian “SPANGI” firm have been contributed, and a closet with barrels was built for aging of wine and brandy.


The factory has 4 lines for grape receiving and processing, the primary wine-making modern workshop. The factory is equipped with modern laboratory equipments and techniques for production quality control.


Produced wines of the factory have been awarded many gold and silver medals and certificates in numerous international competitions. Actually, Ijevan wine factory is considered to be the gates of Tavush region, and with its unique production it represents Tavush region and also Armenia to the world.


Times are changing, also changing people’s interests, replacing by new and modern.


With confident steps Ijevan wine factory goes forward to reach new heights, and to win new victories.


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