The statue of David of Sasun

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Location: Yerevan
Established: 1959
Sculptor: Y. Kochar
Architect: M. Mazmanyan

The statue of David of Sasun is one the most prominent monuments in Yerevan city; the author is Yervand Kochar; the architect is Michael Mazmanyan; the model is national artist of USSR Vanush Khanamiryan. Yervand Kochar (1899-1978) is an artist whose innovative ideas were expressed in three genres: painting, graphics and sculpture, which tells about his high talent. The statue of David of Sasun is one his masterpieces. 

Armenian nation created lots of eposes during long centuries. Heroic eposes express national spirit of Armenians most characteristically and in detail.  Integral image of the nation is best of all reflected in «David of Sasun» epos. The epos was created in the 7-8th cc, when Armenian nation was attacked by the Arab invaders. Vitality, best aspirations, thoughts and feelings of the people are embodied in the main hero of the epic - in David’s character. David is invincible strongman with superhuman strength, a patriot, a humanist, a defender of workers and peasants, selfless brave, peaceful virtue. David is so much beloved within people that he got divine title, under name “David”.

The statue was erected in 1959 in David of Sasun Square, in front of the Train Station building; replaced plaster version, erected in 1936. David’s body is in motion, ready for the battle. His fairytale horse Kurkik Jalali perched on the basalt cliff. Under his hoof, in the angle of the cliff, bronze bowl is located: symbol of patience of Armenian nation. The monument is situated in the center of a pool with diameter of 25 meters; overall height with pedestal is 12,5 meters.

The statue of David of Sasun is depicted on commemorative five-ruble coin, released in 1991 by Central Bank of the USSR. “David of Sasun” is depicted on subway tokens. For long years David of Sasun was the symbol of film studio “Hayfilm”. “David of Sasun” is the heaviest statue in Yerevan – 3,5 tons. 

It is also important to visit Republic Square during your visit to Yerevan. 

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