Booking Terms and Conditions


1. Submission of a booking application


  1. One can send a booking request for tour services to Barev Armenia by: a) filling the appropriate form of the booking on the website, where one should fill all the fields, marked by asterisk symbol (*); b) sending the letter in free from to e-mail; c) using one of the telephone numbers on the website and making reservation directly with the tour-manager.
  2. Pay attention that we guarantee the confidentiality of personal information provided by you, it will be used only for booking procedures and provision of certain services.
  3. The service of tour booking provided by Barev Armenia is free of charge; there are no other fees and prices except the ones, which are shown on the website. Moreover, tour-agency can suggest discounts and/or additional services free of charge.
  4. There are special conditions for group request bookings, which are being  documented for every single situation.



2. Booking confirmation 


  1. After registering your inquire through our website, email or phone call, tour-manager will contact you at least within 24-hours. This period will depend on business of the office. Usually for booking hotel rooms or tours with guaranteed departure it will take from 1 to 3 hours.
  2. In order to avoid the need for additional detail clarifications, we recommend mentioning all the additional information, submitted by you and/or required by the form. This will help us to suggest the best option and the most accurate price. Pay special attention to providing precise information on your contacts.
  3. For informational lack or it’s inaccuracy in the inquire form, tour-manager will contact you on the phone or through email. During telephone calls from our company, all the expenses are covered by the company.
  4. After submission of a enquire or a booking you will automatically receive notification that your enquire is accepted. This is not a tour-manager respond, but only automatically sent message, on which you will find all the information, submitted by you.  If you notice any mistake or inaccurate information, you can answer to the received letter with corrected information.
  5. During all the steps of service provision only one tour-manager of Barev Armenia is maintaining the procedures of booking with every single client. All the letters and calls from our personnel are personalized.
  6. Pay attention, that your request/enquire will be guaranteed only after written confirmation via email by Barev Armenia.
  7. Confirmation of booking of tour services includes information with description of certain tour services ordered by you, their cost and terms of payment.  As a rule, in a final confirmation letter of your booking you will find the letter itself with confirmation, invoice for prepayment, the contract, in some other cases also a voucher, detailed tour-program, contacts of service personnel, information about the places to visit, maps, rout, etc.



3. Payment terms for the ordered services


  1. Payment terms could be different for every particular booking.
  2. In common, the terms of payment are following: a) the payment of the whole service during the visit to Armenia – in the beginning, middle or the end of service provision; b) payment of prepayment prior to the service provision, when the rest of the payment should be done upon arrival to the country; c) payment of the full cost of the service before service provision.
  3. For the guests, visiting Armenia from abroad often it’s more comfortable to make a payment in their own currency. In this case the company can make an invoice in USD, RUR or Euro. In case of money transfer from abroad, the payment could be done also in foreign currency. Upon arrival to Armenia the price, fixed in the invoice, is being exchanged based on the actual exchanging rate and being paid in the national currency of Armenia – Armenian drams (AMD).
  4. By now, the company doesn’t accept card payments. The payment can be accepted only on company’s bank account.
  5. In case of ordering separate services, for example – hotel bookings, restaurant bookings, booking transportation or apartment rental, the customer makes payment not to Barev Armenia, but directly to the company, which provides services, i.e. to the hotel, restaurant, car rental company, on the basis of the invoice, provided by certain company, or on the spot upon arrival.



4. Cancelation of booked services



  1. For cancelation of already booked and confirmed enquires, one should write an email with cancelation demand to the tour-manager, who was serving you.  In case of not receiving written confirmation of cancelation, one should make clarification by phone.
  2. The cancelation of the booked services is also being maintained on an individual basis, which is being noted beforehand by the tour-manager during confirmation of the booking.
  3. Imposed fines and penalties depend on the days that remain to the beginning of the service provision, tour season or certain days prior or during the holidays, the rules of service provision of the company on cancelation, the capacity of services and resources spent on preparatory works.
  4. We recommend  to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of booking cancelation beforehand, and in case of objection or disagreement to discuss and make amendments in the Terms of Services, in order to predict the future potential financial losses. 


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