Climbing Mount Khustup in Armenia

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Armenia is rich of its beautiful picturesque mountains, and Khustup Mountain in Syunik Province is one of them. You better believe us – this mountain looks like a 3D model, made by all the best landscape designers of the world: dense forests, hundreds of brooks, gorges, and in the middle rises incredibly beautiful peak of Khustup. By the way, the peak is not so high – 3200 meters, but in order to get it, one need to take 3-4 days long trip by constantly changing beautiful valleys, and at the end of a hike – to find the secret path, that leads to the peak of Khostup, which offers unbelievable views of infinite clouds under your feet.

Tour programm

Day 1

Yerevan – Kapan – Baghaburj – Navchay mountain village

We should spend from 5 to 6 hours on our way from Yerevan to Navchay on transport, but during it we will be surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountain sceneries. If we start our journey early in the morning, we will get small village Baghaburj in few kilometers from Kapan at midday. From here starts our way to the foot of the mountain Khustup – through the labyrinthine paths and trails. During our walking tour there will be feeling, like the peak of Khustup is looking at us and following our every step. The mountain is so beautiful, that there is a feeling, like we are in some kind of Hollywood movie. After nearly 5 hours of walking we will reach this Navchay mountain village, hidden in one of mountain gorges. This is where we will organize our camp zone and prepare a delicious dinner and then go to sleep – surrounded by wildlife, under spectacular starry sky.
Day 2

Navchay mountain village - «Gates» – Peak of Khustup – mountain village

At 09:00 in the morning, after breakfast we will begin our climbing to the top. During our journey we will meet herd of horses living in freedom. After three hours of walking we will reach one remarkable place, which is called “Gates” for its look. The magic of this place is that on separate sides of the “gate” the nature is so different, that there is a feeling if it's really a gate from one place in a totally different dimension. After the “Gates” we will reach closer to the peak of the mountain. Here we will find cold and very tasty water spring, where we will make a short stop, and then continue our way to the top of the mount. Just before the peak we will meet quite big cliffs, which look impassable at first glance. Here we will meet wild mountain goats and flocks of wild turkeys, which are on the verge of extinction. At the top we will meet the monument, erected in memory of Armenian national hero, Armenian fedai, whose nickname was “Khostup Eagle” – Garegin Nzhdeh. From here we will rise the top of the mountain through the safest secret path. Soon the unbelievable scenery will open before our eyes – breathtaking scene of clouds under our feet, which are penetrated by mountain peaks. After a rest on the top of the mountain, we will return to the “Gates”, and then – to the mountain village Navchay.
Day 3

Navchay – Baghaburj – Sgnakh – Yerevan

On our way back the feeling of the height and unbelievable views will be following us. First we will return to Baghaburj, and this will take 2-3 hours of walking, and then we will be heading towards Yerevan on transport. On our way back we will make stop at one interesting place called Sgnakh, hardly known even by locals. This place, which offers panoramic view of the main road junctions, had strategic defensive purposes. We will rise there on interestingly constructed and extreme stairs, will hear the story of small fortress, enjoy the opening scene and after a tasty lunch in city of Goris we will return to Yerevan.

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