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Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion. Armenian-Gregorian Church (Armenian Apostolic Church) is one of the oldest Christian churches, which differs from other branches in number of dogmas and rituals, most of which still preserve Armenian pagan routes. The church is call Apostolic in honor of apostles Thaddeus and Bartolommeo, who were the first to preach Christianity in Armenia. It is also called Gregorian in honor of Gregory the Enlightener, who baptized Armenia in 301 and became the first Catholicos of all Armenians. Catholicism is also a part of Armenian religion. It was adopted in 1198 in Cilician Kingdom and then spread within a group of believers.

You will have a chance to see unique miniature, khachkars, ancient monasteries, churches, treasuries, to witness Armenian liturgy, and, at last, to see biblical Mount Ararat.

We offer tours to Armenian, including transfer from the airport, booking at hotels in Yerevan, city tour in Yerevan, pilgrimage tours to holy places, and visits to regions with overnight stay.

Tour programm

Day 1

Airport transfer - Yerevan - Matenadaran - Tsitsernakaberd - Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral - St. Sarkis Church

Meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel. The scientific research center Matenadaran - the biggest repositories of manuscripts in the world, which keeps more than 17000 ancient manuscripts and 100000 antique archival documents. Visit to the memorial complex Tsiternakaberd dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide 1915. The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, which is considered to be the largest religious building in Yerevan. Lunch in a restaurant with national dishes. On the left bank of the river Hrazdan St. Sarkis Vicarial Church is located. Since the earliest Christian era a hermitage-monastery had been functioning here, but was destroyed by the earthquake of 17c. The present church was rebuilt in the 19 c. Rest. Welcome dinner in the restaurant with folklore program. Evening walk in Yerevan center: architectural complex Cascade, Opera House, North avenue, Republic Square.
Day 2

Yerevan - Echmiadzin - The treasury museum of Holy Etchmiadzin - Zvartnots - Yerevan - Ararat brandy factory

Echmiadzin Cathedral - one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. The treasury museum of Etchmiadzin, where the Holy Lance, which pierced Christ, a piece of Noah's Ark are preserved. A visit to the Church of St. Gayane, St. Hripsime and St. Shogakat. According to the legend these temples were built in honor of the first Christian martyrs - escaped from persecution of the Roman Emperor. Churches were built at the place where three holy virgins were killed, their relics are also kept here. St.Ripsime and St. Gayane temples, erected in the 7th century, are a masterpiece of the early Christian period. St.Shogakat temple, built in the 17th century on the place of the 4th century chapel, is beautiful in its simplicity and austere interior. All the churches are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A visit to the ruins of Zvartnots Temple (7th c.), which was considered to be one of the tallest buildings of its time (49m). The temple is unique for its architecture and is also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lunch in the restaurant in Yerevan. Tour to Ararat cognac Factory for tour and tasting of Armenian brandy. Rest. Free evening.
Day 3

Yerevan - Harichavank - Azatan village, Community of the Armenian Catholics - Yereruyk - Marmashen - Gyumri

A visit to the monastery complex Harichavank, built in the period from VII to XIII centuries. One of its features is that it was built with huge stones of different colors in a checkerboard manner, which is an original decoration for the monastery. Since 19th century the church was the summer residence of Armenian Catholics. The village Azatan, the community of Armenian Catholics. Yereruyk - three-nave basilica, built in the 5th century, was one of the earliest Christian construction in Armenia. Visit to the monastery Marmashen (X-XI centuries.), which was one of the major cultural and religious centers of medieval Armenia. Lunch. Arrival to Gyumri - the second largest city in Armenia. A small tour in Gyumri: Amenaprkich church (19c.). Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God is the unique Armenian church for having iconostasis and five different altars for various religious communities, Vardanants Square, Varpetats street. Dinner and overnight in Gyumri.
Day 4

Gyumri - Kobair - Odzun - Akhtala - Haghpat

Early morning visit to the medieval Armenian monastery Kobayr, built in the 12th century. In the 13th century it was an important spiritual and cultural center of medieval Armenia. Odzun, built in the 5th century, is one of the rare early medieval building. The church is located on the edge of the beautiful gorge Debed. Then we head to Akhtala: the monastery and the fortress of the 10th century, with three sides surrounded by deep rocky canyons. Akhtala is unique for its amazing frescoes created by the traditions of Armenian, Byzantine and Georgian art. Visit to the monastery complex Haghpat (10c.). It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.On the territory of the monastery one of the amazing khachkars (cross-stones) of the 13th century - All-Saviour Khachkar is situated. Dinner and overnight in Haghpat.
Day 5

Haghpat - Fioletovo: community of Russian Molokans - Dilijan - Haghartsin - Goshavank - Sevanavank - Hayravank - Noratus - Hermon

Departure from Haghpat. On the road to Dilijan we will visit village Fioletovo - Russian Molokans community. Molokans are Russian special ethnic group, separated from the Russian Orthodox Church in the 16th century. In the XIX century Molokans, escaping the persecution, started to move to the outskirts of the empire, particularly in Armenia, Ukraine. They still keep their faith and traditions. Tour to the resort town of Dilijan, Old Dilijan complex. Visiting the monastery Hagharstin, located in a wooded valley of Ijevan ridge. Goshavank monastery complex (XII-XIII centuries), one of the largest cultural, educational and religious centers of medieval Armenia. In the monastery is situated a cross-stone of master Poghos, which occupies a special place in the art of cross-stones making. Tour to Lake Sevan - the largest of the lakes in the Caucasus and is located at an altitude of 1900 meters. On the peninsula Sevan we will visit the monastery Sevanavank which offers a amazing view of Lake Sevan. Visit to the Monastery Hayravank (9th c.), on the territory of which many tombstones and 6th century khachkars are preserved. Noratus - an open-air museum, with a collection of unique cross-stones. Arrival and stay in the hotel and entertainment complex Hermon.
Day 6

Yeghegnadzor - Noravank - Tatev - Yerevan

In the southern part of Armenia we will visit Noravank monastery complex, which is unique for its architecture and bas-reliefs. Close to the canyon, Bird’s cave is located, where the world's oldest leather shoe and a winery were found. Tasting of local wine in the cellar Areni. Lunch in the local restaurant. Visit to the Monastery complex Tatev on the longest cable car in the world. Tatev is considered to be a masterpiece of medieval architecture, was one of the most important spiritual and educational centers of Armenia. Return to Yerevan.
Day 7

Yerevan - Geghard - Garni - Yerevan

Departure from Yerevan. Tour to rocky monastery Geghard. It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and the monastery is unique for being particularly carved in the rocks. In the late 13th century, the monastery has been a place of pilgrimage, as it kept the Holy Lance, pierced the crucified Christ. Visit to Garni temple - the only surviving monument in Armenia belonging to the era of Paganism. Lunch in the village of Garni, in the rural house, participation in baking Armenian bread Lavash. Live performance of Duduk (by order). Arrival in Yerevan.
Day 8

Vernissage - Transfer to the airport

Vernissage, where you can buy souvenirs from Armenia. Local sweets market. Transfer to airport.

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