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Medical Tourism appeared in Armenian market not long ago and already registers rapid growth and tendency towards further development. Our specialists have succeeded in spheres of plastic surgery, stomatology, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. Today Armenia can also offer special prophylactic treatment course in various sanatoriums of Jermuk resort town. Jermuk is rich with unique fresh and mineral water springs; benefits from treatment with these waters are uncountable - it is better to experience. Our rates do not exceed costs of the same services in many other countries. For instance, costs for dental services are twice as lower than in many European countries. During our excursions you will explore the marvelous treasures of these ancient country and people, and find new friends. Be sure, there is no language barrier in Armenia; doctors speak Russian and English. If other languages are required we can provide you with professional interpreters. So if you desire to receive medical care and combine it with sightseeing, our health tours is an excellent choice for you.

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Treatment Tours in Jermuk

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