Hiking and trekking tours in Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country with winding roads, large forests and gorge-labyrinths within beautiful and diverse nature. In a word, this place is a paradise for those who are penchant for active tours, trekking and adventures in the bosom of untouched nature. We will guide you through your journey to the heights of Armenian uplands: mounts Aragats, Azhdahak and even legendary Mount Ararat. We offer to combine all of these activities in one-week intensive tour, including amazing jeeping (riding off-road on crossovers) and trekking in the picturesque gorges and forests. You will penetrate the mystery of the Armenian nature and, why not, visit cultural landmarks and villages, hidden in the mountains.

11 hours

Climbing Mount Aragats

Trekking and Hiking

Climbing the highest peak in Armenia.

8 hours

Garni Temple - Khosrov Reserve - Havuts Tar

10 days / 9 nights

Sunny trails of Armenia

Hiking and trekking tour

Treasures of the Armenian mountains

10 hours

Trekking in Lori canyon

Trekking and Hiking


Kobayr - Horomayr - Odzun

1 full day

Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

Wild life of Armenia

A whole day of harmony with nature.

10 hours

Tour to Lastiver

Trekking and Hiking


Armenia nature's hidden treasures

10 hours

Yerevan - Geghard - Vishapa Lake - Azhdahak

8 days / 7 nights

Ararat Mountain climbing Tour

Mountaineering, pilgrimage

Climbing the sacred biblical Mount.

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