03 November 2012

Syunik Fam Tour 2012

Travel hub Kapan-Shikahogh- Meghri in the presentation way chosen by the organizers was impressive especially in opposite transitions: ascent – descent, wood – desert, stone – fruit, city – village, old – new. We are sure that this rout will become one of demanded and well known in Armenia due to the development of infrastructures, increase of experience of the local service delivering personnel and as a separate product in the market by means of consisting. 
One of the achievements of the project is that though it was not determined and aimed beforehand, indirectly a non-formal practice exchange and establishment of business (and we hope that not only) relations among the specialists of tourism sphere happened. Hello.

24 July 2012

Barev World and Barev Armenia!

The official web page of company Barev Armenia has been launched: Armenian and English variants by address and Russian variant - The web page is called for inner tour booking in Armenia: hotel booking in Armenia, resorts in Armenia, and in Artsakh too, daily apartment rental in the center of Yerevan, car rent with or without driver, tours and excursions in Armenia, Artsakh and historical Armenia. Our motto: Barev is your password to Armenia. If you know the password, just connect to us, and our tour consultants will help you to plan the best scenario of meeting with Armenia.

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