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Located in the Ararat plateau, between Mount Aragats and Mount Ararat, Armavir is the smallest and most densely populated region in western Armenia. The convenient location and favorable climate conditions have allowed this thriving region to become the epicenter of agricultural development. Aside from its highly agricultural legacy, Armavir also holds a rich historical and cultural legacy, attracting thousands of natives and tourists each year to well-known sites, including the Sardarabat battle Memorial as well as the religious and spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church: the Holy City of Echmiadzian. In 2003, innovation and tradition met, allowing the birth of Karas White, Karas Red and Karas Reserva to take place. The amazing collaborative work of wine consultant Michel Rolland and Argentinian winemaker Mariano Vignoni turned a vision conceived in 2003 into a reality in 2010, when the first commercial vintage was produced.

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