Carpets festival in Dilijan

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First festival of carpets and decorative and applied arts was held in Dilijan on October 13, 2013. The festival was attended by cultural organizations and people, occupied themself with handicrafts. Rich colors and unique patterns, carrying the history and culture of Armenia, all the loving and energy of Armenian masters – this is what makes Dilijan carpets so authentic.

Dilijan carpets famous in the world since 20th century, when needlework art began to develop intensively in the city. The huge contribution in the development of this industry madе Ziravard and Taguhi Gulians, Flora Papyan, Marine Pogosyan, Sofya and Nazik Papyans among many other masters, whose works are represented in Dilijan branch of the Folk Art Museum of Armenia and continue to fascinate tourists around the world. By visiting this mysterious city, you will not ony feel the freshness of Dilijan nature, trees and flovers, the beauty and the power of cultural and historical monuments, but also you will discover this world of unique art, and – why not - take with one pattern with you to show the resto of the world this unique handmade works of art.

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