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Address: Yerevan

Working days: Monday-Sunday

Working hours: 09:00-19:00




“Legion” paintball club has been established in June 2010 in Yerevan by the team of the enthusiasts. The aim of the club is to give all players, regardless of experience and skills, the atmosphere in which they can take a simple pleasure from the game itself. Games are held in the club at the entertaining level, where participation is more important than the victory. The Club mission is to promote the game as a direction of strategic kinds of games.


In order to narrow down the possibilities for paintball games and make a final decision, here are the things you should consider:


1.  Coordinate your HR team in order to create groups consist of male/female by ratio, age, occupation(s), and fitness level.


2.  Size of the group: there are 20 markers, which mean two groups of 10 players playing together. But the club can organize event up to 40 people with two time slots for games.


3.  Time frame for event: Currently you are offered two time slots for games


4.  Games selection: There are number of games (please check the list below) that the club can customize for your company.


5.  Is this a competition where a team will “win” and others will loose: No, many games can be structured where everyone wins– or has the potential to reach a specific goal.


6.  Time of day: Based on above-mentioned, the two time slots for games are offered though various games or rest before playing paintball for your people can be offered as well. 


7.  Here you will be provided with the detailed report on all games and activities, including team integration analysis, and each person’s involvement in the team.

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