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Address: Areni v., Vayots Dzor region

Working days: Monday-Saturday

Working hours: 10:00-19:00




Wine is a divine key which opens the gates of a human heart and soul. It is the love affiliation within the sun, mother land, water and a gardener. A glass of the amazing wine opens the wings of imagination miraculously and one will hover lightly feeling the limitless boundaries of his strength and courage. Since the creation of the world it seems like wine-making has become a national character among Armenians turning into a holy symbol of worshiping. Landing on Mount Ararat Forefather Noah planted the first grapevine through which he made the divine drink: the wine. 


In 1994 Areni Wine factory was founded on the initiative of The Simonians in the Areni village of Vayots Dzor province with the aim of continuing and enriching ancestral wine making traditions. 


Genetically bearing the divine grace of winemaking, wine factory being established in historical Areni within a short period could expand the production capacity offering the public two different types of high quality wine. 


Grape, which is the queen of fruits, passes a long way before turning into a patriarchal wine. High quality raw material is important for getting a good wine, but one of the basic conditions for getting high-quality grapes is its proper care, that is carried out in different phases. 


In Vayots Dzor the cultivation of grapes begins with trimming. It usually happens during the juice flow and ends up till the swell of sprouts. 


During the trimming grapevine cries as if the nature gives birth preparing for flourishing and maternity.

Lopping is the next important activity of grapevine cultivating, which aims at preventing unnecessary costs of nourishment, improving the penetration of air and light, reducing the development of favorable conditions of diseases and pests, facilitating the gardening thus promoting well-run growth of the grapevine.


After this kind of complex works Areni gardens ere encompassed with harvest. The divine harvest of paradisiacal country being nourished by the stony heights, pure water and the bright sun, feeling the spiritual field of the gardener and the tender care of the cracked hands of the farmer, turns into a unique balsam. And so begins the harvest, it turns into a real celebration and ceremony bringing together almost all the residents of Areni.


Areni wine factory is equipped with appropriate technologies for the organization of manufacturing process, which provide entire cycle of wine production.


Pure grape juice is going to turn into a real Armenian wine with its unique aroma, bloody red color and favorable sweetness bearing the breath of the history and the essence of perpetuity.


This is perhaps one of the most important evidences, that wine is an extraordinary drink. In this respect the founder of Areni wine factory Rafik Simonyan personally controls the whole process of winemaking coordinating and directing all activities.


High quality features of Areni wine have obtained great interest in Armenia as well as abroad, and that's the reason, that the production of the company is exported to Russia, in future there are some intentions about expanding the production volume and exporting geography.


Full of the Armenian bright sun Areni wine will make you join the divine essence of paradisiacal country becoming a spiritual balsam, the symbol of divine love. Enjoy the delight of infinity feeling the overwhelming power of the living drink.

Author : Tiny, 27 February 2015, 00:45
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may I ask if you need the magnetic stirrer for wine? we can offer for you the good stirrer. could you please tell us your email address so we can send you the pictures and specification?

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