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Address: Tsaghkashat, Askeran region

Working days: Monday-Sunday

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Nikol Duman (Nikoghayos Ter-Hovhannisyan) was born on January 12, 1867 in the village of Tsaghkashat. He was an agent of the Armenian national liberation movement and a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. He graduated from the Regional School of Shushi in 1887 and went on to become a teacher at several Armenian schools in the Southern Caucasus.


A great many of books and articles, songs and poems have been written about him. Most of us would like to see his birthplace, the atmosphere that surrounded Nikol Duman, and the nature that gave him strength to fight against the enemy, to hold the fidais' weapon.


Today all these have become reality due to Nikol Duman memorial home-museum, opened for the public in 2004.


The Nikol Duman House Museum and Ethnographic District are located in the picturesque village of Tsaghkashat (Ghshlagh) ) along the along the located in the picturesque village of Tsaghkashat (Ghshlagh) along the main road between Stepanakert and Gandzasar, roughly 22 kilometers past Stepanakert, which has been largely restored to recreate 19th century village life in the Askeran Region. Tsaghkashat is a quaint village of roughly 200 indigenous inhabitants who are mainly occupied with cattle breeding and wheat farming. The age-old tradition of winemaking is also being revived in the village.

The home-museum is also remarkable for being a single one in Karabakh; maybe even a single one in all Armenia, built on social means and opened for public. 


This home-museum is yet the only realization (accomplishment) of пїЅNational HeritageпїЅ public foundation's bents, the basic purpose of which is to immortalize the memory of national-liberation movement heroes by creating memorial museums. 


The home-museum is situated on Stepanakert-Gandzasar highway and from the very days of its existence it has become the pilgrimage place of (for) tourists, visiting Karabakh. And not only for the reason one can see the original atmosphere of life of a Karabakh village of the late 19th, get acquainted with the basic phases of Duman' s activity, arrange a nice traditional Karabakh picnic, taste famous localпїЅmade beverages. The important is the feeling that one has after visiting Nikol Duman's house-you begin to re-estimate the transient values of modern life. 





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