National Architecture and Urban Life Museum in Gyumri

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Address: Gyumri, Haghtanak 47

Working days: Tuesday-Sunday

Working hours: 10:00-17:00



National Architecture and Urban Life Museum is situated in the center of Gyumri city. This is an interesting place, where you can get information about every day life, culture and history of Gyumri city. 


The quite large exposition of the National Architecture and Urban Life Museum is in the "Dzitoghtsyans's house", which was built in 1872. That is why the museum is also called Dzitoghtsyan's House-Museum.  


In the museum you will see the past and the present of the aspiring people of Gyumri. Excursion to the museum will represent you the roots of proud Gyumri people. The nice bakery "Fayton Alek" is on the ground floor (entrance is from Victory Square side).


The museum is devided into two salons on the both sides of the garden. In the first salon you will see the profile pictures of well-known people in Gyumri. The furniture hasn't been changed from the days, when Dzitoghtsyans lived there. The piano, brought from Italy, other pieces of furniture, brought from Russia and European coutries and unique Gyumri hand-made carpets are here as well.  


In the second salon you wil see lots of pictures of old Gyumri, map-layout of old Alexandropol. 

Visiting this museum you will have an excursion from Armenia in 19th century up to cultural Armenia, existig 150 years ago.


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