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Address: Tsitsernakaberd Park, Yerevan

Working days: Monday-Friday

Working hours: 09:00-18:00




The SCC was put in commission in 1983. Later it was named after Karen Demirchyan. The projecting of the building was made by the Armstateproject  and by the USSR National architect Korjun Akoyan, the ASSR National architect Arthur Tarhanyan, the ASSR Honoured architects Hrachya Pogosyan, Spartak Khachikyan, Gurgen Musheghyan, engineers Igor Tsaturyan, Grigor Azizyan, Mikael Aharonyan, sculptor Ferdinant Arakelyan in particular. In 1987 this group has been awarded the higher prize of the country- the State award of USSR for the original architecture and planning solutions. Famous artists such as Michel Legrand, Demis Rusos, the ‘’La Scala’’ theatre symphonic orchestra, Thomas Andres, Bonnie M and Jean Gillan have performed on the stage of  SCC. Here were held the international Olympic Chess Games, the European championship of ushu, he Armenian basketball games, the internatonal sports struggle, oxing, weightlifting, art gymnastics and acrobatics tournaments and championships.


You will certainly feel the enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere of the Complex from the very first step in the building. Once entering the foyer you will be surrounded with delightful sense of beauty and serenity. With its surface of 1300 m2 this hall is a perfect place for any kind of exhibitions, presentations, corporative parties and other activities.


Тhe concert hall has 3785 m2 surface and can seat audience of 7000. Due to its technical capacity the Big Hall gives incredible opportunity of organizing different kinds of shows, concerts and international sport activities. The hall has a turning tribune that can provide additional 1008 seats in a couple of minutes.


Here  also located ''Ice Queen'' – the ice arena of the Complex, with 1800 m2 surface. It is open all year round for hundreds of proffesionals and amaterus of hockey and figure skating. We are planning ti organize here hillarious ice shows having no analogues in Armenia due to their original conception and the star membership. The presence of such a skating rink will contribute to the development of figure skating and hockey in Armenia. In 2008 Armenians gained not only renovated Sports and Concerts Complex, but also school of figure skating named after Evgeni Plushenko. Let’s hope that in a couple of years the pupils of the school of figure skating will keep the high honor of our country. Moreover, the exceptional design and construction of this arena makes possible the organization of volleyball and mini – football games.


The small concert hall can seat audience of 2000, and has surface of 1275 m2. It is an ideal place for small concerts, corporative parties and for various other performances. The latest audio and light systems of the hall give the artists an opportunity  to perform on the highest level.

There is no need to think of place where to organize the ice scale international summits, seminars, scientific meetings, conferances and presentations. From now on the conference hall Hayastan supplied with necessary modern equiipment of European industrial companes, can provide all of these services. It is distinguished by a unique taste. Specific lighting of the hall – quiet, gentle – creates a warm atmosphere.

Argishti  hall is situated rght next to the Conference hall and has everything for the organization of banquets, as well as for the comfortable rest of the participants.

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