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In 1927, in the State Conservatoire of Yerevan by the initiative of its director A. Ter-Ghevondyan the opera studio was founded and with the staff of its choir (R. Melikyan, S. Melikyan), its symphonic orchestra (A. Adamyan) and its soloists the National Opera Theatre was founded by the Armenian Government decree in 1932. It was opened with the performance of opera "Almast" by A. Spendiaryan on January 20 1933. By the initiative of the musical director of the Opera Theatre R. Melikyan in 1935  the opera by A. Tigranyan "Anush" was staged on the specialized stage for the first time. From the very first day of its existence the creative staff of the National Opera Theatre of Armenia initiated creation of characters in accordance with national and their own principles of stage and performance arrangement. Before its 10th anniversary, in 1939 the Theater had a great success in Moscow on the stage of the Bolshoi theatre. In 1940 the National Theatre of Opera got the magnificent new building designed by the great Armenian architect A. Tamanyan. This building is one of the most beautiful constructions in Yerevan. The Moscow success was repeated in 1956 on the days of the second decade of Armenian Art and Literature. This time there was performed the first national opera "Arshak" II» which was first staged in 1945. The Opera and Ballet Theatre has its unique role in the life of Armenian public. Preserving the heritage of our older generations the Theatre is faithful to its ideology: to show Armenian art lovers high level of culture and to educate a new generation for which this theatre will become a place of vital significance.

The national classical opera “Anush” by Armen Tigranian has always been performed since the foundation of the Opera House. The first performance was played in Alexandropol in 1912, when the composer conducted some not professional singers and musicians.

The opening of the theatre contributed to the creation of new national operas, and many talented young artists were attracted by this. In 1935, on January 6, the first ballet The” Swam lake” was presented at the Yerevan Opera House.

With this success a new activity was born. The National Ballet. In Armenia this discipline has been brought to the highest quality and expression levels. The first was “Happiness”. Performed in 1939 with music by Aram Khaciaturian, who became an important national symbol.

Following the success of this ballet, the composer himself created Gaiané, a very famous ballet which has been played in many theatres in the world: Lipsia, weimar, Berlin, Budapest and Paris.

Thanks to the successes of the first years and the high level of the performances, the Yerevan Opera House got the right to take part in the first "Decade of Armenian Art and Literature in Moscow in 1939. The operas Almast and Anush and the ballet Happiness were performed at the Bolshoi theatre

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