K. Stanislavski Russian Drama Theatre

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Address: 7 Abovyan, Yerevan

Working days: Wednesday-Sunday

Working hours: 10:00-22:00






The State Russian Drama Theater after Konstantin Stanislavski was founded in 1937 upon the decision of the Government of Soviet Armenia. The building construction started in 1930-1931 and was designed by architects G. Kochar, K.Halabyan and M. Mazmanyan. The theater is situated very close to the most beautiful places to visit in Yerevan, among them the Republic Square, the Opera House and Cascade.


The first actors were invited from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tiflis and Baku. Later on Armenian actors who were graduates of Yerevan Theater Institute also joined the theater staff. The first play staged in the theater was called “The Confrontation” by Tur brothers and Sheinin. It was staged by Vavik Vardanyan. The leading actors were V. Dobrovolski and A. Murov. The theater’s first art director was Levon Qalantar.


Especially difficult were the post independent years. In 1990s the theater just like every institution in Armenia faced a number of difficulties, but the theater deserves praise because it never stopped working. It continued the performances many of which have received praises, certificates and prizes in international festivals.


The performance list includes: Gorin’s “Funeral Prayer,” Griboyedov’s “Wit Works Woe,” Shant’s “The Princess of the Fallen Fortress,” Sundukyan’s “The Ruined Home,” Ishkhanian’s “The King of Kilikia,” Orton’s “What the Butler Saw,” Lasege’s “Oh,These French Doings,” Letrase’s “Baby,” Chenau’s “Good Լuck,” Grigorian and Marinossian’s “Broken Chain” and Ostrovski’s “The Rainstorm.” The performances for children include: Marshak’s “Cat’s House,” Andersen’s “The Princess and the Soldier” and Moroz and Shugurov’s “The Princess and the Pea.” It should be noted that the “Funeral Prayer” and “What the Butler Saw” are the most succeeded ones.


The current art director of the theater is Alexander Grigoryan, who was appointed art director in 1965. The theater has been functioning for already 70 years, and from the very first days works by Armenian, Russian, foreign classical and modern authors have been performed there. It should be noted however, that initially, the theater’s play list was made up of only Russian classical and modern playwrights. The ultimate goal of the theater is to introduce the spectator to the best works of Russian classical and modern literature. Russian translated versions of Armenian plays are also staged.

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