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Addrees: near Opera and Ballet House, Yerevan

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Martiros Saryan is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century; a prominent master of color. Saryan’s paintings, created with bright saturated colors, reveal new artistic sensibility, giving the chance to understand, that arts is not just imitation of reality; it requires freedom and imagination. At the same time the artist retains simple forms of nature, considering nature as his only teacher.
Saryan is the founder of modern school of Armenian national art. His art, filled with innovative ideas, combines characteristic features of Armenian centuries-old culture (architecture, arts and crafts) with modern problems, creating contently new humanistic “Saryan” art, where boundaries of color, compositional, artistic genres are expanded beyond recognition.


Since 1955 Academy “Saryan” operates in Aleppo (Syria); since 1967 – House-Museum in Yerevan. In RA 20 000 currency is released with his depiction.


Saryan won gold medal at the International Exhibition in Brussels (1968) and USSR State Prize (1965). He was an academist at USSR Academy of Painting and Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR. 

Saryan’s works are mostly exhibited at the National Gallery of Armenia and its branches, as well as at the best museums of USA, France, and CIS countries.

There is park in Yerevan named after Martiros Saryan. Statue of Saryan is located in the center of the park; the author is Levon Tokmajyan, the architect is Artur Tarkhanyan.
It was erected in 1986.


In Saryan Park there is exhibition and sale of paintings by modern artists on weekends. 

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