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Address: 3 Saryan, Yerevan 

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Martiros Saryan (1880 -1972) is one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, an outstanding colorist. 'Color is a genuine miracle', the painter exclaimed. 'In combination with sunlight, it expresses the spirit of object's shape and the essence of universal existence'. Saryan's paintings, created in bright, saturated colors represent a new aesthetic perception enable us to understand that art is not only an imitation of reality but, it is the use of free imagination and abstraction. At the same time, Saryan adheres simple natural shapes in his paintings, always believing nature to be his main mentor.


In the beginning of the 1910's, Saryan was a bold innovator, who brilliantly united artistic traditions of the East with the new achievements of the twentieth century European painting. The artist was recognized in Russia, where some of his paintings were bought by the famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, others were exhibited in Europe. In 1921, Saryan settled in Armenia, to participate in its spiritual rebirth. The ideology of the Soviet country in which he resided created certain difficulties for his free creative evolution. But the artist remained loyal to the principles of his own style. The earlier elaborated technical methods and ways of expression were enriched with new content. As a founder of the modern Armenian school of painting, Saryan asserted in his art the timeless and humanistic values of high art.


The Saryan Museum is a State museum of one artist. It was founded in 27 November 1967. 

Today, the Museum's fund has 247 pieces of storage. During 38 years of its existence the Museum's major activities were collecting, exhibiting, and publishing. The Museum organized multiple exhibitions, published various books, albums and catalogues. 

The Museum is going to expand exhibiting and scientific activities with the aim of establishing a center on the Saryan studies. In this regard, systematization of the artist's archives will be accomplished. His private library will be catalogued and organization of conferences is scheduled. 

An art studio will be set up at the Museum, lectures and film screening will be organized about modern painting.


In 1932, a house with a studio was built for Saryan in Yerevan. In his lifetime, the master received hundreds of visitors from different countries. Admirers of his art used to come here to join the brilliant colorful art, to feel the warmth of the artist's soul, to share his love of life, his admiration for the sun and nature. The first acquaintance with Saryan, as a symbol of national culture, became the brightest impression about Armenia. 

Saryan's `recognition became the basis of a special decision of the Government of Armenia, according to which in 1967 a museum adjoining the residential part was constructed` in his lifetime. The author of the construction plan is architect Mark Gregorian. The first director who supervised the construction of the museum was the younger son of the artist, composer Lazar Saryan. But since the latter also was the rector of the Yerevan State Conservatory, Sh.G.Khachaturyan headed the Museum three months before its opening. He was the director of the Museum in 38 years. Since 2004 the director of Museum is Rouzan Saryan and the fund curator is Sophie Saryan.

The studio where Saryan worked for forty years is the most exciting part of the Museum. Everything here is preserved as it was left by the master. The residential part of the house is not in the tour program of the Museum. All items of value representing an interest for Saryan's art have been passed on to the Museum.

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