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Every culture, history and country has its own secret sides, which sometimes seem overly exaggerated or even invented. But the moment you visit these places, you understand, that miracles really exist, and at this moment you are surrounded by these miracles, and even more – you are a part of the miracle, its main character. We suggest you to leave aside your grey days and participate in unforgettable journey into one of the most mysterious places on earth - Geghama mountains. In any weather of any season Geghama mountains have its special charm, but it is especially beautiful in May, June and July – slopes are covered with bright flowers, there are many streams, rivers and lakes, and peaks are covered with white hats of snow. Speaking about culture, puzzle and history lovers – they can spend the whole life in explorations here. The legends around mystic petroglyphs and vishapakars will be another topic for long and interesting debates.

Tour programm

Day 1

Tour in Yerevan

Meeting, transfer to the hotel. This day we will organize for you tour in Yerevan, which is elder even than Rome – the capital of all capitals. We wall walk in the center, get acquainted with old and new architecture, Yerevanian colors, its forgotten and sensational places, faces. After visiting Historical museum, Armenia will become closer and understandable for you, here you will learn about specifics of Armenians, local traditions and many other things.
Day 2

Charents Arch – Geghardavank – Artis village – Vishapalich lake and vishapakars

Early in the morning we well be heading towards Geghard monastery complex. In this carved in the rock beautiful medieval monastery we will hear the story about the spear, the roman soldier pierced Christ with, about Adolf Hitler, who was hunting this relics and many other mystical relicses of monastery, and other intriguing myths and facts. But before Geghardavank we will make stop at Charents Arch – beautiful place, that offers incredible view to Mount Ararat – legendary and sacred mount for Armenians, on which Noy had landed on his ark. After Geghard monastery we will be heading to Artis village – the place where our adventures should start. During first day we shall pass near 15 km (5-7 hours). Our road will pass directly over Gegard, where we will be able to enjoy the incredible view of the gorge of the river Azat. Through blossoming trails we will reach the beautiful Vishapalich lake. Two brave “soldiers” – vishapakars are standing near the lake. They are 7000-8000 years old. Versions and scientific studies about their origins are really impressive. We will organize our camp near the vishapakars, and our dreams will be protected by these giants.
Day 3

Vishapalich – Nazeli mount – mount Azhdahak – comet crater

Can you imagine how pleasant to wake up early in the morning on the shore of a lake, with birds singing, with cup of hot tea or coffee in your hands. But it’s just the beginning of a day. After delicious breakfast we will be heading towards real wonders and legendary places. During this day we will pass 6-7 hours – 13 kilometers. Our first acquaintance with miracle are petroglyphs of Geghama mountains. Among these rock paintings we will see not only paintings depicting hunting and rituals, but also a real calendar, which is elder, then famous Maya calendar. Yes, we know that you have to work hard to leave these pictures, but our journey is waiting for us. The next place is Nazeli Mountain’s peak (3312m), where we will find a small and very clean lake in a crater. From here we will continue our journey to the highest peak of the mountain range – to the top of Azhdahak Mountain (3597m), where we will meet even more beautiful and vast crater lake. We also can see Sevan lake from the peak of Azhdahak – the biggest lake of Caucasus, will enjoy breathtaking scenes of beautiful Armenian nature and mountains. Here, near the crater formed from a comet, that fell thousands of years ago, we will settle our camp for the night.
Day 4

Azhdahak Mountain slope – Red Cliff - Akna lake

The whole day will be dedicated to wild nature and picturesque mountain sceneries. During our 6-7 walking tour (10 km) we will meet numerous brooks, lakes, stumble upon tracks of wild animals. If we are lucky enough, we can even meet a bear or a wolf, which are staying away from any human and doesn’t represent any danger for us. At the end of a day we will reach the most beautiful lake of this places – Akna lake, which, according to the legend, was formed from tears of Azhdahak, who was defeated by a vishap and turned into a mountain. By the way, we saw vishap, who had beaten Azhdahak near Vishapalich lake. Legend tells, that the only thing that didn’t turned into a rock, was Azhdahak’s heart, and sometimes one can hear his heartbeat, so be attentive. We will stay for night on the shore of Akna – on infinitely green and infinitely beautiful field.
Day 5

Akna lake – mountain village – Tsaghkashen village

Today we shall walk near 7 hours (14 km) towards Sevan on quite easy and beautiful road. On our way back we will get acquainted with local shepherds, who settled their camps in mountain settlement. We can have a nice conversation with them about their lives, will try authentic Armenian cuisine, at the end of a day we will reach Tsaghkashen, will organize our camp and enjoy local nature, accompanied by the Armenian wine and Armenian barbeque - khorovats.
Day 6

Tsaghkashen village – Sevan lake - Yerevan

This day we will take a ride on cars to one of the most beautiful beaches of Sevan, where we will swim in clean and refreshing waters of the lake and then will return to Yerevan – for delicious farewell feast.

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Author : ‎Gor Ayzak Hovhannisyan, 26 October 2015, 01:35
Welcome to Armenia!
Guiding is sharing... experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, moments, roads, sunsets and sunrises, flights of the soul! Guiding is being in the same places for many times, but feeling in a very different ways each time with each group! Guiding is being proud, being in love with your country, being one of the smallest, but for the same time the brightest part of your land, culture, history! Guiding is not only showing churches, food, sights. Guiding is even showing the ugly truth and telling sad stories of the past and being excited about the unknown future. Guide doesn't have tourists, guides have guests and friends in the end. Guiding: being the zipped version of your land !!!

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