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Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia. The city is located on Ararat Valley: on the bank of the Hrazdan River, the tributary of the Araks. According to the population (Census of April 2013: 1. 067. 0 mln people) it is the largest city in Armenia. In 1918 Yerevan became the 12th capital in the whole Armenian history. 


Yerevan was founded by Urartian (Urartu was an Armenian kingdom) king Argishti 1 in 782 BC. The city is 29 years older than Rome. There are lots of interpretations and legends, concerning the etymology of the name. The most ancient and spread one is connected with forefather Noah. According to the legend, popular within people, after the world flood, when the water withdrew, Noah saw the land from Mount Ararat and exclaimed “It is seen, I can see it” (root “yerev” means “seen” in Armenian), which later, with some transitions, became the basis of the modern name of the city. 


Yerevan is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Archaeological researches, held in the territory of the city, showed, that men lived here tens of thousands years ago. The studies proved, that during different times various settlements appeared and where destroyed in the territory: Shengavit, Karmir Blur, Tsitsernakaberd and so on. The modern plan of the city was done by prominent architect Alexander Tamanyan in 1921. 


Yerevan has many churches, museums, including History Museum of Yerevan and National Gallery (more than 14, 000 works), which represent Armenian history, literature and fine arts. Matenadaran, the depository of Armenian and foreign books and manuscripts (more than 100, 00 exhibits) is also located here. Of special importance is Tsitsernakaberd, the monument dedicated to the Armenian Genocide, accomplished by Ottoman Turkey; every 24th of April thousands of Armenian come here with flowers to pay tribute to the victims. 




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