Zangezur Sanctuary

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Location: Syunik region
From Yerevan: 331km / 5h

“Zangezur” Reserve was created in 2009, October 15th. It is one of the protected areas; has a territory of 17368 ha. The aim of the reserve is to provide landscape and biological diversity of nearalpine meadow and meadow-steppe natural ecosystems of Bargushat Ridge southern slope in Syunik region and Zangezur Ridge eastern slope, as well as to preserve unique natural monuments, provide appropriate development of natural resources. The main priorities are preservation, restoration, reproduction and permanent use of natural and recreational resources. The “Zangezur” is under control of “Shikahogh” Reserve.

Fauna of the reserve includes 200 species of vertebrates. Caucasian leopard Panthera Pardus ciscaucasica, bezoar goat Capra aegagrus, Armenian mouflon Ovis orientalis gmelinii Caucasian grouse Tetrao mlokosiewiczi, Armenian viper Montivipera raddei are registered in the International Red List of Endangered Species and the Red Data List of Armenia, and the others: brown bear Ursus arctos and Caspian snowcock Tetraogallus caspicus - only in the Red Data List of Armenia.

Difficult mountainous terrain and proximity to the national park "Ordubar" in the Nakhichevan Republic contribute to the preservation of the area. Mountain mining, poaching, overgrazing and infrastructure development are the main dangers of the territory.


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