The Statue of Vartan Mamikonyan

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Location: Yerevan
Established: 1985
Sculptor: Y. Kochar
Architect: S. Kyurkchyan

The statue of Vardan Mamikonyan was erected in 1985. The monument is located in the neighborhood of St. Gregory the Enlightener church. Vardan Mamikonyan was a commander of the 5th century, the chief of the Armenian Army, the leader of liberation movement of 450-451. People call him “Brave Vardan” or “Red Vardan”. 

Vardan Mamikonyan became especially known during Avarayr Battle between Armenians and Persians; the purpose was to turn Armenians from Christianity to Zoroastrianism. The battle took place in the 26th of May, 451 on the edge of the Tghmut River, in Avarayr field. Armenian Army had 66 000 soldiers and the Persian – 300 000 soldiers. The war ended with Persian’s victory. Nevertheless Armenians were able to preserve Christianity as state religion. Vardan Mamikonyan passed during this battle and later was canonized as a saint. 

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